9 comments on “The Second Wave

  1. I’ve wanted to “poke” that passage for some time. In Aramaic, like Hebrew, there are two verb tenses: complete or incomplete. The hinge-pin in Jesus’ argument is that Yahweh said that He IS, rather than ‘was’ the God of the Patriarchs. When I look at it that way (God’s being in relationship as incomplete) there are so many lessons I see. Beyond resurrection, I see my own life now as “incomplete” with my Master. There’s so much more, but one day, when I stand before Him, I will be even more aware, as the Patriarchs were, that even then I won’t be complete. He’s THAT infinite!

    • That is so true; it makes my little brain turn to mush when i try to comprehend His infinite nature as opposed to my finite nature. But then I think how much more awesome it is that He takes any particular notice of any of us.

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  3. Its crazy to see the all the time and process that was put into trying to get Jesus out of the way, the tried hard, very hard to say the least.

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