10 comments on “The Third Wave is Beaten Back

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  2. Your posts seem to prompt connecting thoughts (some might call these random – I prefer to call them “conversation”).

    I have grown weary of seeing the bible used offensively: this is what “it” says, so why do I do that? The use of verses and “what Jesus said” and “what the bible says” to approach others’ behaviour or words and thoughts in “loving righteous” indignation (kind of stuff).

    And as I finished reading this post He breathed a sigh: “Read “it” to change you – not others.”

    And letting that ripple outwards, I find myself pondering this – do I read these verses, these encounters, and (consciously/unconsciously) store up ammunition to lob at others (believers not quite “correct” in their believing – ,sinners “totally off message”) …

    Or do I let them roam inside my head and heart – seeking out my “eccentricities” … my “that’s the way He made me” foibles … my uniqueness I am happy to endorse as “His creation – so not my fault” … all those subtle justifications I find – the same “light and heavy” preferences not of law, but of my own internal hierarchy: the things I call sin, the things I call personality, imperfection, “me”, you – not me, God – not me …

    Not sure where this is going (and that is why these “connecting thoughts” never seem simply random musings).

    Thank you ((hugs))

    • You seem to be having some interesting and insightful “conversation” there Paul, and your thoughts remind me of something that you might find of interest. Once upon a time, I was always on the lookout for ammunition, both to use against the ammunition of the others and to use against myself.

      Then I made my choice not to debate any more with others. Sometime later, I decided to stop debating myself and to just relax and let God do whatever work He wanted to do with me. To be sure, getting the hang of this was not quick and easy, and to be sure, I’m still a work in progress, but I have an easier time with these passages then I used to because I’m not concerned with fighting anybody, myself or others; then something really cool happens…

      Ever lose your car keys or glasses? Getting all frustrated and cranky about finding them never seems to help, does it? I never find things like that until I relax enough to get over the emotions involved and then somehow, almost miraculously… there they are.

      Texts like this are kind of the same way in that when I just stop trying to fight the battle in my head, the picture clears and the answer is right there in front of me. For me at least, getting out of God’s way often looks like that.

      • “For me at least, getting out of God’s way often looks like that.”

        The Final Frontier – where no man has gone before! More and more I live with a certainty that there is One who seeks only good for me. More and more accepting that I do not know what that is, nor what that means in the company of others (for whom the same is true). Yet more and more content to “say yes to whatever He asks”. That is freedom!

  3. I always thought the whole “Law” thing was interesting. First God gave man one law, “don’t eat from this tree” and we failed; then he gave us 10 laws, and we failed; then there were the 613 Laws of Moses, and we failed. Then Jesus comes and says, guess what? We’re doing away with all the “don’t to this” laws since they didn’t work and I’m giving you two “do” laws: Love God, love your neighbor” and we’ll see how that goes when I get back.

    So, how have we done?

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