10 comments on “The Day and the Hour

  1. You know, at least the people living around Noah had some warning, the boat didn’t appear overnight, but those who were not close to him were caught by surprises . I wonder if those living close to Jesus will get such a warning, or will we all be caught by surprise?

    • You are quite right; they had a warning, for not only did the folks around Noah see him building the boat, it wasn’t like he kept the reason for the boat a secret. We have a warning just like that, don’t we? Why here in Matthew we have a chapter an a half of warning; is anybody listening?

  2. There was a many decades-long sign, a really BIG one, plus a herd of other assorted-sizes signs… still people didn’t repent, thus didn’t survive. Those who believed and obeyed survived, though. 🙂

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