14 comments on “In the Garden

  1. I just do not believe he was that afraid of being crucified. Tens of thousands (or more) of other people had been crucified. After a lot of study, I have decided he died, not only physically, but also spiritually on the cross. I also think that he crashed into hell, got the keys from Satan, then crashed out of hell, something impossible for us to do. How scary. How amazing.

  2. This is so deeply sad for me; revealing the full humanity of Jesus. It seems that everything prior to this illustrates how much Jesus feels our deep, emotional pain. In this scene, if we allow, it is us who can feel His.

  3. This may well be a mistaken interpretation, but it is one I’ve thought proper. I don’t think that Jesus was, as some say, asking for the “cup” to be removed, but that He was asking if the Father was sure that they had tried everything possible…wasn’t there something else they could try to save the lost souls of Israel?

  4. All of his emotional agony, confusion, torment – searching for some other way – was part of what sinful mankind goes through. Jesus had to go through it, else something would be missing from the temptation “in all points” as we are. Go through it he did, and thus he truly became 100.0% able to help any of us who are tempted to give up, to seek some other way. Thank God he did.

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