13 comments on “Arrested!

  1. I think you’re right about Judas. The Bible says that at the moment he left the last supper Satan entered into Judas. I hardly think Satan anticipated Jesus to call angels into the fray although I suppose who knows? Jesus real purpose was hidden even from him according to the writings of Paul.

  2. Had the authorities tried to capture Jesus while He was in public, there would have been a riot, and they knew it. By taking Him in a secluded place and under the cover of darkness, they avoided a riot. I believe that Peter, after pledging his “to the death” loyalty to Jesus, felt that he HAD to do something to help rescue Jesus, and even though it was ill-conceived, it was an honest reaction to what was happening.



    • And Jesus did tell his apostles to find some swords, but I am not certain why. It may have been He was just warning them of the suffering they would soon experience. Nevertheless, He did not tell them to get rid of the swords.

      • While we may see the Parable of the Good Samaritan as just a parable we can derive spiritual-truth from, it also revealed the harsh-reality of life in those days. The highways and byways weren’t always safe to travel, and there was no “Highway Patrol” or “Road-Rangers” to help people in distress. Having a sword might mean the difference between living or dying.



        • As a former military officer, I tend to notice verses that clearly indicate Jesus did not intend to make pacifists out of us. Since Luke 22:36 speaks of swords as a grim necessity, I don’t think Jesus expected His followers to set swords aside and never use them. Not yet, anyway.
          Thank you for your blessing and your wise observations.

  3. Its is crazy how there was actually calmness after Peter draws his sword, how God/Jesus put the clam over everyone is amazing, I’m surprised that literally just as Peter was chopping off the guards ear there was not retaliation from all the guards. crazy to me.

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