13 comments on “Which Way?

  1. Hey Don!

    You’re right, I think we’ve all been at those kinds of “fork in the road” from time to time. I certainly have.

    I’ve found, in such moments, that it is often hard for me even to hear/discern an answer to the question, “What is Your will [for me] here, Lord?” I think that’s simply because the (spoken or silent) “for me” in the question puts just enough of my own concerns into it… my own anxiety, even to do His will… that it makes “static in my hearing”. It makes interference, like “jamming” a radar, or fogging a lighthouse. It’s just hard to discern. The context, framework, introduces bias.

    One such time, I realized this… I was “wringing my hands” over waiting for the answer. I was experiencing stress about it. And I realized what was happening.

    So… I started framing my “petition for wisdom” (in James’ terms), in different words…

    I started asserting my own indifference to the answer, asking Him to free me from such concern, and just tell me “what path gives You the most glory through my life, Lord?” “Where is the glory for You?” “Where/which is the most loving path?” “Where/which reflects Jesus/love the most to others?”

    At any point where I could truly get “me” out of the question, and entirely focus on the Him in the question… the path would always light up like neon.

    Dunno if that would help any others, but it’s always been helpful to me ever since!

    Grace — LM

  2. You and LM are quite wise in these matters. I have also simply asked Him to reveal the path to me clearly, and have walked away mentally from the decision until I receive that revelation. He never fails to give me a clear sign one way or the other, and most times it’s one of those, “Doh!” moments. 🙂

  3. Yes to all the comments – and something not mentioned maybe. How we seek advice of others – and seek advice of others until we find (at least) one who agrees with what we want to do. Then we search no more (usually). If our Lord indwells – then He indwells in each of us. Not just the ones who hear Him saying to them what we want them to hear Him saying to them. 🙂

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