8 comments on “Judas Has His Own Problems

  1. If I recall correctly, the High Priest during that era was a political-appointment, a puppet of Rome, not a true spiritual-leader, so that he was on Satan’s payroll should come as no surprise. He was as corrupt as the Romans.



  2. Greetings Don

    This might be slightly off topic, but please help me understand why Judas had to kiss Jesus in Gethsemane as a way of identifying him? Surely they knew what Jesus looked like.

    Secondly, why did Judas feel remorse. I assume he had committed many sins (perhaps stealing money) previously and it is not recorded that he felt remorse enough to repent.

    Great article, I enjoyed reading it.

    – Papikie

    • As for the kiss, it was part of a normal greeting in that time and culture, so there really isn’t any great significance to it, beyond the irony of it. It would be like walking up to some with a big smile and shaking their hand as though all were normal today…

      As for the remorse, I can’t give you much of an answer beyond theories, since the text doesn’t say. One popular theory is that since Satan entered Judas when he betrayed Jesus (as John records) then when the betrayal was complete Satan left him and returned to his right mind. That could be it. Another is that Judas’ intent was to bring matters to a head so Jesus would quit dilly-dallying and rise up an throw the Romans out, and when that didn’t happen and Judas saw what he had actually started, he was mortified. In the final analysis however, we simply can’t be sure.

      These are great questions Papikie; thank you!

  3. great insight, didn’t know about this fulfillment of prophecy in Jeremiah. Crazy about them not wanting to put blood money back in treasury.

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