5 comments on “God Keeps His Promises

  1. You know, I’ve know of Jesus final passing, and of the trumpet blowing at 3 for the sacrifices, but never put the two things together. Did Jesus give up His Spirit when He heard the sound of the trumpet signaling the time for the sin sacrifice?

    • From Matthew’s account, it would be hard to pinpoint the precise timing of everything, particularly since he didn’t mention the horn sounding. Yet he tells us that at “about three” the sequence of events take place; “my God my god…” the vinegar, and then He gives up His Spirit. What we know is that the horn blew at some point in the sequence, and we also know that the real sin offering that day was on the cross, so I would propose correct timing as a necessary inference, but to be fair, I don’t have an eyewitness to testify to it. I guess that’s about as fair an answer as I can give.

  2. The veil tearing in half is an amazing thought, how heavy that thing was and the symbol of what it shows us is unthinkable really. God is all about us! He loves us and wants what’s best for us!

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