4 comments on “Jesus Rose From the Tomb

  1. Don, the phrase “national security” comes to mind. That “we need to keep this secret for the greater good!” Countries and politicians – and also “The Church” – do it then and still now. In each case those in the know would make a case for why they acted honourably.

    I believe they believe they did and do. Because we are back to belief again. And, for me, once again all of that – in matters of our Father – comes back to unconditional love as the “great leveller”.

      • John 11:47-50 seems to me to agree with what I hear Paulfg saying. And, today the “church” often bows in fear to the government for such things as risking its tax exemption (in the USA) or risking being accused of hate speech. Do we love HIM more than we fear the state?

        Just thinking.

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