7 comments on “The Torch is Passed

  1. My church has a very strong emphasis on lay ministry and missions, and our pastor has proposed doing several short workshops to better-equip those who are doing ministry in our communities. The Great Commission is our commission too!



  2. It is a huge responsibility, to share His love, to invite discipleship – a huge distinction from making converts. I think we sometimes shirk the great responsibility He left us by doing the latter, which requires no relationship, no grace, no pouring out of God’s love.

    The former is a commitment, coming from the power of the Spirit; it produces fruit which lasts and reproduces itself out of His love. It forms relationship and brings someone into the family of the Jesus. It’s a joining of hands and heart in the Father’s embrace.

  3. From disciples to maker of disciples. Wow, I love that! Something for me too chew on this evening…thanks!

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