28 comments on “More of New Realities

  1. So sorry about your pup. I was never a dog person a dog person, but fell in love with a needy little rascal who has made me rethink my theology on heavenly pups as well. Lol.
    I don’t know about mad cows, but I’m thinking all our thinking won’t matter much.
    But hugs to you all. 😔

  2. Don, I am so sorry. For what it’s worth, I believe we will have dogs and cats in heaven, since as created beasts without free will they are innately righteous. But whether we know them as our pets or not, I can’t say. Still, one cannot enjoy the pure unadulterated trust and love of a dog without realizing that God must have taken great enjoyment in its creation as our faithful companions. Why then, would Heaven not be filled with them??? That’s my thought, at least, though you are correct that without sound scriptiure, we can only guess.

  3. I am also sorry reading this. Your reflections share your love for God and are thought provoking as is your post today. This is quite an unexpected challenge to face. Thanks for sharing your story and I pray for all involved.

  4. Yes reality is that I miss the little guy and most humans find comfort thinking that they will be with their beloved pets. Either way – I know that he is in a better place and it is good to imagine that he is funning through a big open field – not paralyzed any longer.

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