31 comments on “An Adventure Begins

  1. Already there is more to the creation story than meets the eye. Let’s hope it surfaces without my intervention. Eager to see where this is going…..:)

  2. Looking forward to the truths that will be revealed and learned. Praying for God’s wisdom and direction for you in this Don.

  3. I’m eager to read where this goes. Go on with your bad self and set the record straight. Our culture sure has it wacked, so that’s a lot of straightening. I’m avoiding “topics” myself, so I’m also interested to see how you do from that perspective as well. Lead on!

  4. Odd how “our Mr Merritt” straying from “our usual journeying” elicits such interest. I have just one word: WOOP WOOP WOOP! (and a little repetition!) 🙂

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