5 comments on “Hats Off (and On) in Corinth

  1. Without getting into the cultural context of this particular passage, there internal contextual support within 1 Corinthians for seeing the gender equality that Paul teaches. One element is here in this passage where the topic, while nominally about head-covering is also about women prophesying and praying in the context of worship (which you stated right up front in this entry).

    Additionally, and almost striking in its balance, 1 Corinthians 7 explicitly teaches this equality among the genders. What is essentially good for men, Paul also says includes women; teaching it’s good for them as well. Even considering chapter 14’s oddly out of place, even clumsy, statement about women not teaching or speaking in church doesn’t negate these other contextual elements.

    Any burden for proof falls to those teaching Paul as believing that women are not in the image of God (or part of). The rest of this letter teaches an implicit inclusion in that image. At least from my perspective.

    • And in mine too Matt, I couldn’t agree more. I must confess that I had a hard time resisting the temptation to run off a lengthy dissertation on the background and context of the letter, and I hope that I’ve covered it clearly enough here. Certainly your very on-point comments help to solidify the contextual issues; thank you!

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