16 comments on “Images, Form and Spirits, part 2

  1. I can already see where this is going, and there are two passages in the Gospels I can think of off the top of my head where Jesus speaks to this.



    • Well now isn’t that an interesting question!

      Throwing all caution and good sense out the window, I’ll bite. 🙂

      In the sense of our perception of His fullness, I would say yes… In the sense of His form, should we be so favored to come upon it, I doubt it. Just as if a person happened upon Susan… We may perceive her differently based upon our perceptual filters and such, but her physical description would only vary more or less slightly based upon those filters, all things being equal.

      (Yikes, I think I just gave a “professor” answer, and I was trying to avoid that!) 🙂

  2. This is the point where some people may “bail-out” on us, because the prospect of getting some of their “theological-furniture” getting rearranged or discarded is NOT welcome. Our long-ingrained dogmas run very deep. How many times have we heard or read “God is spirit…” and assumed that it means “God is ONLY spirit…”? Been there, done that, and it wasn’t “comfortable” when I did a similar study which didn’t support my old dogmas, but replaced them with undeniable truth, but I was determined to forge-ahead and discover the REAL truth, the truth that sets us free.



  3. Before you leave Exodus, I think it may have been a good idea to peruse the long-forgotten passage of Exodus 24:1-11 – the nobles (tribal leaders) of Israel have a meal in the presence of God and see Him on His throne to ratify the covenant. Ironically, after that, they rebel and make a golden calf. You’ll never have a ministry rougher than Moses…never.

    • Yes, Moses had rough duty! Actually, there are many passages, including the one you mention that I could include, and certainly would in a book or academic setting.

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