20 comments on “Two Curious Comments and One Little Observation

  1. As always really interesting — I followed the reasoning and understand your point, we mustn’t forget that Malachi 2: 16 clearly states that God Hates Divorce! it is treachery to him.

    Eph 5: 29 through 33 is tying up some of the key points of how the Christ treats, cherishes and respects the congregation and linking this to personal relationships as we reflect Christ in our lives.

    He opens chapter five with become imitators of Christ and to achieve that we have to understand that Christ would specifically treat those close to him in a certain manner and we must reflect that.

    Now we can extend that principle to our relationship with God through Christ because the section on submissive headship is listed as well.

    It is also clear that if we fail to have love for our spouse we show we have no love for Christ, God and ourselves.

    Powerful words for all Christians but specifically husbands

  2. “Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.”

    one verse further in 1 Corinthians 6. I always wondered about that because we seem to have invented ways to sin by ingesting toxins, which go inside and damage the body. Yet they had plenty of those in their day too. So Paul had to know that there is a different sort of “internal” damage being done through immorality, and as you point out, damage to the very image of God “stamped” indelibly into us. This isn’t a “physical health” issue it’s more like damage to the very soul, both body and spirit as a whole. Which probably why Jesus makes lust as serious as adultery.

    • Yes, well said. It seems that sexual immorality strikes very close to homw for God, since it is a perversion not only of His image, but also His will and purpose; a touchy business.

      • In our body-shaming society, particularly among Christians, it seems preposterous to them that Adam and Eve could have been “naked and unashamed”, and they can’t wait to get to the place where it appears that God “agreed” that nakedness was “shameful” and gave them clothes. They would prefer that God’s question to Adam was “What took you so long to figure out that you were naked?”, rather than “Who told you that you were naked?”, because “Who…?” implies a very-uncomfortable revelation by a “someone”.

  3. I wouldn’t ascribe those thoughts and motives freely either if I hadn’t seen it for myself…several times, both in person and in writings and comments from other bloggers.

    • One pastor and blogger called me a “demented-pervert who needs to repent and get right with God” for my views. Since he really didn’t know anything about me, I suggested that he ask a member of his congregation who I have know for over 40 years about me. He also railed against another person who commented and has views similar to mine.

      • Another person, a missionary, told me to my face that I can’t be a Christian and a _______. He also knew nothing about me other than what someone else had told him.

        • Funny thing Steve, I’ve been told that I can’t be a Christian and not a premilennialist, and then I was called a “false teacher, heretic and infidel” in public. I’ve also been called a “racist sexist homophobe on television because I’m not a political liberal. It seems that some folks just go off when they they aren’t prepared for an rational conversation, and if there is some kind of argument or debate going on, that’s how you know you’ve won.

      • Interesting; it sounds like this gentleman was in the wrong line of work. I often sit back in awe and wonder listening to pastors who think that they can reach people for Christ by calling them names.

      • The religious leaders of Jesus time called him many things – they really should have known better so don’t be surprised at labels and ridicule they come as part of the Job Description for a Christian.

  4. For some months now I repeatedly think and sometime speak of the importance and ramifications of Jesus words that they are no longer two but one. As I think on this and its origin in the Genesis verse, it impresses me more and more in various ways. As Paul’s words that “the immoral man sins against his own body” were referenced here, it finally dawned on me that the “one’s own body” is the spouse because the two have become one!

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