God’s Image, Sexual Immorality and the Times We Live In

A 150 years ago, there wasn’t much confusion about the meaning of sexual immorality, the same was true 100 years ago, even 50, but today; that’s a whole different story. We have names for sexual practices and proclivities that none of us had even heard of when I was in my 20’s, and things that were frowned upon in society then are now matters of human rights and Constitutional protection, even though the authors of the Constitution would be mortified to hear of it.

Maybe these are the ramblings of someone who is just past his prime… you can judge that for yourself.

Not too long ago, a preacher friend of mine was telling me that he has people, mostly on the young side as he is, who ask him questions about sexuality, questions for which they seek answers, but which he has a hard time answering because they are asking about things that aren’t in the Bible, and even when they are in the Bible, he feels like the answers he gives are sounding very hollow in light of the changes in society, changes that have come upon us very quickly.

So what exactly is sexual immorality?

It strikes me that this might be the wrong question; maybe we should ask what sexual morality is, rather what sexual immorality is. In our investigation of the image of God and its significance, we have already found that answer, and it is such a significant answer that it is actually a central part of God’s eternal purpose from the very beginning. We have seen that God made us in His image, our bodies, souls and spirits comprise His image in both male and female. We have seen that because of this, a man leaves his parents and unites as “one flesh” with his wife in the ultimate expression of their love for one another, and that their physical union is symbolic of Christ and the church.

God’s love is expressed in His giving life to us; our love is expressed in giving life to new image bearers, so that in each case life is the result of love.

It is altogether fitting and proper for a man and woman to become one flesh in marriage, and their sexual union is a gift from God: It is also sexual morality, and we have already cited the Scripture to support this.

Sex outside of this relationship, whatever you might see fit to call it, is not the exercise of the gift as God intended it to serve His purpose and makes a mockery of His image, which is why the Bible makes such a big deal about it.

There is the information, simple and clear as it is; the real question before us is, “What will we do with the information?”

Next time, let’s think about that, and talk about it a bit…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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30 Responses to God’s Image, Sexual Immorality and the Times We Live In

  1. bcaudle77 says:

    It is amazing how far a young person is from the truth now a days.

  2. The world we live in thrives on sex, worshipping idols (quite often themselves), and living in a “if I want it I should have it” mentality. Politicians, anxious for votes, promote said ideas, and suddenly what is wrong in God’s eyes, is right in the secular world’s eyes. And then they become civil/ constitutional rights. Have you noticed that at the same time, the rights of Christians are being very steadily eroded?

  3. Matt Brumage says:

    I think I’ve posted my definition of sin (anything we do that is different than what God wants us to do) and your definition of sexual immorality sure fits that. It sure is easier and more sensible than delving into the various forms of perversions people come up with. Why give those any space at all? Good one!

  4. pipermac5 says:

    Is it any wonder that there are questions and that there is confusion on matters of sex and sexuality? The church has abdicated its responsibility to salt and light in matters of sex and sexuality, other that to thunder “Thou shalt not commit adultery” from the pulpit. Any talk about sex and sexuality has become taboo in the church because we have forgotten that the same God who said “Thou shalt not commit adultery” also said “Be fruitful and multiply”. God said “Be fruitful and multiply” LONG before He said “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. That same God saw fit to give us the Song of Solomon, which most Christians and churches either ignore or teach as an allegory for “God and His people” or Christ and His church” while ignoring its obviously-graphic presentation of marital and sexual love.

    My dad was a pastor, and I FINALLY got my five-minute “bird and bees” lecture when I was 22 and just days from getting married. I had gotten more information from “other sources” than my parents ever gave me. The church is reaping what it has sowed.



  5. lunaviernes says:

    Well treated. I suspect that Satan would rather we delve into the many specific scenarios… Just imagine how salacious and twisted that could be, not to mention the controversy and strife it could create. You so rightly avoided his trap.

  6. pipermac5 says:

    If we are just “highly-evolved apes”, there is NO basis for morality, and our lives would be much simpler if we behaved more like Bonobos and just had a LOT more sex. If, however, we are created in God’s image, there IS a basis for morality, and God has the right to define what is moral and what isn’t moral. If, as we see now, the church doesn’t understand or rejects the implications of mankind being created in God’s image, the church has an equally-perverted but opposite view of sex and sexuality that the world has. Only when we have a truly-Biblical understanding of mankind being created in God’s will we be able to also have a Biblical understanding of sex and sexuality as God intends it.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Steve, it sounds like you are ticked off at church today; I hope everything is OK where you are.

      • pipermac5 says:

        No, I am not ticked-off at the church, but I can see where our false-understanding of how mankind is created in the image of God has led. The answer is not abandoning the church, rather the answer is reforming the church. Yes, I see some questionable dogma in my church, but overall, it is quite sound.

      • pipermac5 says:

        When the “answer” to lust is “lower-hemlines, higher necklines and not looking”, rather than training men to respect and treat women as a fellow-image-bearers of God’s marvelous image, there is a serious problem. Jesus said that lust begins in the heart, not the eyes. God didn’t blame Bathsheba for David’s sin, even though she was bathing in full-view of David’s palace, rather God blamed David for doing what he did. David had a “heart” problem, not an “eyes” problem.

  7. Your words are working in my heart and mind, Don.

  8. Tony Fallon says:

    Matthew 19:4-9 & 18 is the most succinct summation of Jesus’ directive on this. Pretty good and clear program. In the words of Jesus, The Christ, Marriage is between a man and woman with copulation outside of Marriage, Adultery, being something we are guided away from choosing. The recent marriage legislation and rulings are intentionally seeking to rewrite God’s OS. The state has no standing in this core tenant of Religion. Far better to focus on sharing the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit with everyone, everywhere, every time. The limiting is actually the freeing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If your religion teaches hate and/or intolerance of others, that religion is in the wrong! I feel firmly about certain things about religion and will not go into them because I do not want to be disrespectful but, please before you judge others, remember, it is not our place to judge, it is not our place to think we understand all the meanings of the Bible, it is not our place to condemn people who have different feelings about what sexual immorality truly is. It IS our place to be kind to one another, to try to help anyone who may need our help, and to understand that making those who are different from ourselves feel bad about their differences is not okay and not what truly good people should do. Just be kind to one another, that is the best we can do in this life! Let God do the judging!

    • Don Merritt says:

      Thank you for your teaching; it might surprise you to know that I quite agree with you, in fact this blog goes very far beyond “tolerance” and into unconditional love for all of God’s sacred children… but then sadly, you wouldn’t have noticed that because you didn’t look. Instead you simply toss out the pejorative term “your religion”. which I find to be both stereotypical and intolerant; offensive in the extreme.

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