21 comments on “Some Thoughts on Morality and Immorality

  1. So, sinners gonna sin. No sense expecting different and being shocked all the time. I had a teacher once say that Jesus was never “disillusioned” by people because He held no illusions about people. But the same teacher also pointed out that Jesus was “disappointed” by people. Like you pointed out though, He always welcomed them in, and as often as they deviated, brought them back. I think of Peter for instance, over and over and over. Thank you Jesus!

  2. When I start condemning someone else, it is always out of pride that I am not as “bad” as they are. God hates my pride far more than immorality or homosexuality, and I should too, but I have struggled with pride for many years. God always has His ways of humbling me, and He does…frequently.

  3. I had a professor with an interesting take on morality. He said that if you question an act’s morality, consider what would happen if the entire population practiced it exclusively. Would the population thrive and expand, or die out?

  4. **”No one must have their act together before having a relationship with Jesus, for if that were true, you and I would not have a relationship with Him; are we not all works in progress?”**


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