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  1. I am a fellow-struggler, a work in progress, who has been guilty of the insanity of doing the same stupid thing over and over again while hoping for a different result. It is our struggles, and admitting them, which makes us relateable. We WON’T “arrive” until we take our last breath, and until then, we will have struggles. My blog is “Struggles”, not “Victories”, on purpose, because all my struggles are my own and all my victories are from Christ-alone. To Him be all glory and honor!



  2. Such a great truth that all of us have struggles in some area of our life–most by our own choices. Some day we will be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.

  3. I do not consider any of that ramblings, sir. I am quite reminded that often in times of relationships, we can’t always be serious~sometimes silliness is not only required but encouraged. I love being a Christian, but I don’t want people seeing me as so serious that I can’t have some fun along the way, and Yes, I , too have done many “not so bright” things in my lifetime. We all have. Don, I really love reading your posts. Thank you so much.

  4. very well said Don, it is interesting how our struggles can be narrowed down to something so simple for most of us.

  5. Simplistic indeed!!! How deep does this well go?? 😉 I guess depth doesn’t really have to do anything with simple! I love your ramblings brother, you can ramble my way anytime you want, I will be ALL ears (or eyes as the case may be!)

    And brother, people who have struggled and been through struggles recognize the same in another no matter whether something is simple or not, it comes out in the subject discussed. Depth, brother, maybe simple, but depth none-the-less. I am more thankful than you can imagine for the blessing of the Holy Spirit’s leading the direction (relationship-wise) that He has!!

    God bless! Greatly!

    • You bring up an interesting thing Roland; I wonder if you’d agree with this: “Deep” usually turns out to be simple, whereas “complicated” usually turns out to be shallow.

      Any thoughts?

      • I totally agree Brother! I have always been a “student” of human nature. For some reason, even in my late teen years, I was always fascinated as to why people act and do what they do, myself included. Over the years, many of my secular jobs, not to mention in ministry, I have witnessed people at their best and at their worst. Even today the television Sue and I watch are more of the unscripted reality type as it is so fascinating how people are in various situations. But Brother Don, this understanding of “Deep” and “complicated” came over a long period of time!
        When it finally hit home that God sees the heart and not just what is on the outside and I put the Scripture, “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” I realized as servants who are positioned to help “protect” the sheep from the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that the best way was not to just look at what is portrayed on the outside, but to listen! Even the devil can come as an “angel of light!” So watching people, studying human nature without condemnation can be a useful tool!!
        God bless you brother! Very much!! Prayers to you and your family!

  6. Oh! This was so good, Don! I also had (and still have) a difficult time understanding word problems – but I love what you said. Looking for the real problem is good. Weeding out the things that get in the way…… seeing. I like this. I lost want to do a word problem – not! LOL But I love your perspective….. I want more of Jesus. Thank you

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