10 comments on “The Image of God and Lust

  1. This is so true. I deal with this all the time. I tell people even Jesus was tempted and they fall out with disbelief!

  2. We may think that “lust” was a new concept which originated with Jesus, but “lust” is just another word for “covet” which God said “You shall not covet…” in the Ten Commandments. The essence of lusting or coveting is desiring for one’s self what cannot legitimately be made your own. God doesn’t allow us to STEAL something from our neighbor just because we want it, whether it is his wife, his RV, or his Mercedes.

    If we have a Biblical understand of how we are God’s image-bearers, we may admire our neighbor’s wife, even think that she is beautiful, but she is HIS wife, his “other-half”, and we don’t have any “right” to her, and we know that.

  3. James 1:14 and 15 is a very concise treatment of the connection between temptation, lust, and sin. And, of course, death, the end of giving in to temptation. So much more to be gained from repentance.

  4. Very true of any manner of temptation – we can acknowledge it’s there but it is for our free will to choose whether it will cause us to sin. It is also very important, I believe, to understand that not everyone is tempted the same way. Consequently, blanket statements about scantily clad women tempting all men, or chocolate tempting all children are wrong. The Devil will tempt each person where they are the weakest…and again, we must be responsible for being aware of that and dealing appropriately with that temptation….not blaming the source of temptation and causing others to suffer for our weakness.

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