20 comments on “The Image of God and Modesty, part 2

  1. It’s easy to look at others and point out their faults, short-comings, sin and anything else we find disturbing. But, I think, as you’ve said that it is important we measure our view of things with the Word of God. People from the Old Testament were strict adherents to the law whereas after Jesus came into this world with a new covenant we are freed from sin and death. That new covenant could also be applied to this “skinny-dipping” situation. We should love them first before we decide to characterize them as being sinners because of their immodesty. Living and measuring our lives according to God’s word is the bottom line for me as it should be for all of us.

  2. Hi Don! This was very enjoyable! Reminded me of a quote I read in a book entitled Bringing Home The Prodigals by Rob Parsons….”My friend Dr. R. T. Kendall ( who is an American ) summed it up for me. He told me that when a group of German Christians saw some American Christians with all their gold and diamonds on, they were so shocked they dropped their cigars in their beer.” Loc 208 of 949, Kindle. Thank you for following my blog! It has meant a lot to me! God bless your ministry!!

  3. “Each person has a right to their individual “likes” and “dislikes”, but what none of us has a right to, is to bend the Scriptures to our personal preferences to try to compel others to do what we like, for that is false teaching.”

    Thumbs up icon!

  4. Paul quoted the exact sentence I was going to quote, Don. I add my “thumbs up” to that one. We all have to remember Scripture in context, AND that our own cultural worldview skews our opinions. America does not own God or Jesus, but sometimes we act as though we do, and we’ve had a history of bending Scripture “to compel others to do what we like.” We have to take a step back and look at Scripture from Jesus’ worldview (or Paul’s), not our own, always reflecting on the Spirit’s guidance.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this and I liked that you pointed out that he didn’t give instruction in how a man should dress. I also agree with you that we should never twist the scripture to make others do things as we want them to do because it is how we like something to be done. I personally believe in dressing appropriately based on the occasion. I would not wear heals and a dress to go fishing. At the same time I should not judge another for how they dress. I was personally convicted a while back on how I used to dress to go out with my friends. It was not necessarily the outfit choices I made that God convicted me of but the desired response of the outfit I chose to wear. I had wanted the wrong type of attention, to fill something in me that the response was only a temporary fix. The scripture that came to mind was ‘To even look upon a woman with lust in your eyes was to commit the sin of adultery’. Why this scripture? Because I was being a stumbling block, I wanted the praise and desire of men to make me feel better about myself, I do not know how many men were in relationships and were married when I was out with my friends, but the purpose in how I dressed was to get their attention as wrong as it was. There is nothing wrong with dressing attractively, but what is the purpose in your heart? Is it to please God or to please men? I don’t have to let my looks go, God does want me to care for the body He gave me, but He does not want me to use it to make others stumble either. Thanks for sharing this. It really spoke to me.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t have any way to know what men might have thought when they saw you, but if you are convicted that you were doing things for the wrong reason, then listen to Him, and always go where He leads. Yes, there is great wisdom in your comments, and I thank you for sharing them with us!

  6. “This would seem to go against our traditional thoughts about wearing our “Sunday best” to church.”

    Perhaps the German Christians thought their birthday suit was their “Sunday best.” 🙂

    Btw, LOVED “Kathyayers1” quote about dropping their cigars in their beer…that IS too funny!

    Thanks for a great lesson in culture and modesty. Blessings.

  7. Oh this is such a hot topic in our house! Scripture has been twisted so much and misunderstood by not taking into account the context. My husband was raised to read Scripture only literally, not taking context into consideration. My sisters-in-law still insist on wearing hats every week and absolutely not pants. And there are the copious Sunday rules – no swings, but you can go for a walk, no running but you can use the bicycle etc. etc. Drives me nutty! I’m going to share this post with him as it’s just what I’ve been trying to tell him but wasn’t sure of the Scripture reference! Thanks Don!

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