11 comments on “Introduction to Mark

  1. “Some more recent scholars have suggested that Mark couldn’t have written an inspired account of the life of Jesus. I’m sure these scholars are much smarter than I am…..”

    I am going to be naughty and suggest that these so called ‘scholars’ are not inspired in any way shape or form and are not very smart. 🙂

  2. It is also thought by some scholars that Mark was the young man who wore only a sheet to the Garden when Jesus was arrested and escaped with his skin intact but minus the sheet. Why was he in the Garden? Was He at the Last Supper? Was he part of the inner-circle but not one of the Twelve? He certainly had access to the Apostles, so it would have been easy for him to get details about events he wasn’t at from them.

    I have no doubt that Mark is an inspired Gospel because it fits in well with the other three Gospels, which is one of the tests for authenticity.



    • I tend to agree with those who think that young man was Mark, and that he was probably around Jesus at certain points, but there is, at least in my view, insufficient evidence to assert that as a sure thing.

  3. Looking forward to the discussions on Mark. The church I attend in Edinburgh has been using Mark in the sermons, and homegroup studies to encourage more people to use it as the basis for evangelism, whether in a one-to-one setting or in groups. I am involved in two different homegroups and it has been interesting the excitement shared by the groups, even with an average 30 years difference in their ages. My wife describes Mark’s gospel as being visual, as it is good material to listen to and picture what is happening in each scene. Every blessing

  4. In studies of the synoptic Gospels I’ve read that are used to “prove” the existence of Jesus, one thing seems to stand out about the author of Mark; he pulls no punches about the apostles. He gives a realistic picture of just how long it takes them to “get it” about exactly Who they are following.

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