18 comments on “Jesus Appears on the Scene

  1. We should also note here, that in this scene are all three Persons of the Godhead: Father (voice from heaven), Son (Jesus coming up out of the water) and Holy Spirit (descending like a dove). You just don’t see a scene like this very often!

    Very nicely understated there Don 🙂

  2. That Jesus needed “to fulfill all righteousness” is something that seems to be almost an oxymoron because He WAS the sinless Son of God, but it doesn’t dawn on us that Jesus was also a complete Jew who kept the entire Law perfectly. He was also about 30 years old, the age necessary for a young man to enter the priesthood, and there were rituals which were required for that also.

    • Great points Steve. Interesting you should mention the priesthood… Most don’t think of that, but Jesus is both King and Priest, although of a different order; our High Priest forever.

      • I think that, since the New Testament clearly-teaches the priesthood of all believers, our baptism may also symbolize our inauguration into that holy-priesthood. One thing is certain, and that is that baptism is about more than just getting wet, whether a little or a lot. That begs the question of whether a person who was baptized in infancy, symbolizing their inclusion in the Covenant, should be re-baptized when they make their public profession-of-faith to inaugurate them into the holy-priesthood. Jesus was both circumcised, symbolizing His inclusion in the Abrahamic-covenant, and baptized.

        Any thoughts?

        • How much time do you have? 🙂

          The very short version is that I believe that baptism is our entry into covenant, which we can’t do until we are old enough to understand doing so, and that an infant cannot very well do that. Of course, infants haven’t sinned either…

  3. Again, never consciously noticed before this gathering of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit together in one place. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Question (and I hope I’m not opening a Pandora’s Box): Does this sequence of events mean one must be baptized before one receives the Holy Spirit?

  4. My background is Reformed Presbyterian. We believe in infant-baptism for covenant-children, and that baptism has replaced circumcision as the sign and seal of that covenant.

  5. I was raised in the Anglican church and was therefore “christened” at an young age. I had always believed that this was the same as baptism, but during a class I took this year on Anglican History and Theology, I learned that a ”christening” is just a naming ceremony – making you a member of the Church of England but not so much a baptism. It is very much a cultural, rather than a religious rite. When I became a Christian, in my 30’s, I chose to be baptised. My parents were incredulous as “I’d already been baptised”. For me, it was very important, as I was entering into a new life, of which I was conscious. I have baptised my son, at aged 8, but not because I so much believe in “infant” baptism but because it is what is done in the Reformed Church, as mentioned.

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