7 comments on “Jesus in the Synagogue

  1. Fred Rogers, who was an ordained minister, told a story about hearing a sermon he thought was very weak from a professional perspective. He was about to say so to a woman next to him, but she was teary-eyed and said how much the sermon spoke to her. If only all preachers had both the authority and sincerity of Christ!

    • We all have different gifts. Those gifts includes how we appeal to different people.

      I think only Jesus could deliver a first class sermon that everyone would recognize was being given with unparalleled authority. Just the same. Even Jesus observed that some do not have the ears to hear His words.

      If we want to get God’s message with the authority and sincerity of Christ, we need to study His Word. And we need to tell those who have trouble sitting themselves down and reading it to be patient.

      Even if we don’t read well, we can get a recording of the Bible read aloud by superb talents. The trouble is not the Word. The trouble is that God expects us to make the effort to hear what He would tell us. He knows us, I guess. What we receive without effort, we do not appreciate.

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