5 comments on “The Kingdom is at Hand

  1. I will be curious to see your bonus post on demons.

    Is there truly such a thing as demon possession, or is what the Bible calls demon possession just what the people of that era called mental illness?

    What is my own belief? The Bible is God inspired, and the Bible says the demons knew Jesus. So we cannot honestly say that the Bible does not teach that those demons were not real. Yet there are those who find it difficult to believe in fallen angels. Myself included. I have seen mental illness. It looked a lot like demon possession. And it certainly frightening enough to see someone you know so tormented.

    • That is a really tough on, isn’t it? It seems clear from Scripture that Jesus dealt with demon possessed people. Is it possible that in those days people sometimes interpreted mental illness as demon possession? Yes. Is it possible that today we sometimes confuse demon possession as mental illness? Who can say for certain? Is there demon possession after the apostolic era? I don’t know that for sure either. All I can be completely certain of is that the Word of God is true.

  2. “It is as though this Jesus can undo the consequences of sin.”

    I’ve really never thought of that, nor pursued that line of thought because of the “Man Born Blind” in John 9. The disciples thought he was born blind because of sin, either his (hard to imagine) or his parents. Jesus said no. But I wonder if that necessarily means that it couldn’t happen that way? Maybe it just wasn’t this particular guy.

    Interesting to think that Jesus was displaying a “type” of redemption through healing and exorcism as a precursor to His saving death and resurrection to come. I like it! Thanks for the insight!

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