11 comments on “Jesus and Sinners

  1. Jesus never avoided “needy” people, but the Pharisee’s problem is that they thought that they had it ALL, that THEY weren’t “needy”. They had knowledge, they kept the Law, they had their heritage, and they were proud of their “status”. Jesus always met people in their greatest need with the “healing” that only He could provide. This coming Sunday, we are going to meet the woman at the well, under the theme “A Samaritan woman meets her Messiah”. She was the epitome on an “unsavory-character”, yet Jesus met her IN her need and gave her the solution to her need that only He could give.

    I absolutely-agree with your question, “Who is going to reach out to the “unsavory-characters” in our communities?”. If not us, WHO, if not now, WHEN? I have several “unsavory” friends who are resistant to the Gospel, but they can’t resist the love of Christ. I may be the only “Gospel” they come in contact with, so my answer for those people is “I will” and “I am”.

      • One of my more “unsavory” friends is known simply as “Freak”, and it fits quite well. He is a tattoo-artist who is both heavily-tattooed and generously-pierced. He has a bushy beard and a bee-hive of hair. He is also a Luciferian and is heavily into kink and BDSM, but underneath the unsavory-facade is a warm person. Yes, he IS quite a nice guy, but he is also hurting, and even though he doesn’t know it, only Jesus Christ can heal his broken, hurting heart. I pray that I may show him Christ’s love and be a beacon of light to his dark heart.

  2. Is anyone here involved with prison ministry? I’m becoming increasingly interested in it and just wondered if there were any tips/ stories/ wise words. Reading a great book on this topic by Lennie Spitale “Prison ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out”

  3. Jesus partied with me and a few homeless friends by a dumpster one night.

    He knocked on the locked up church house door (Rev. 3:20 anyone?), and when there was no answer, he hosted a party in the alley around back.

    I was there. I met him.

    It was great.

    Thanx for the post. It wins my enthusiasm…

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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