9 comments on “Jesus Meets His Critics

  1. Another little noted element: the ones from Jerusalem charged with “healing” made sure they had a ringside seat – whilst those who sought healing did not – they had to come through the roof!

  2. You just made me laugh with this. Pointing out yet another party trick by Jesus. I guess He deflated a few ego’s in the process. What He did, was a hard act to follow. Not that I am any better as my own little mustard seed is insignificant. Jesus just is unbeatable. Every time. All the time.

  3. The religious leaders should have been eagerly-awaiting the Messiah and should have know from the Old Testament prophesies what His role on earth would be, but they weren’t and didn’t. Instead, they felt threatened by Him because what He was doing might upset their own “kingdom”, so they wanted Him out of their hair. They probably told HQ that they had caught Jesus blaspheming because He made Himself equal with God. These were more “nails” in His “coffin” for when they were able to finally do-away with Him.


  4. Yes, that reminds me of the conversation we had recently about being a servant-leader. The religious leaders weren’t content with being “servant-leaders”, “under-shepherds”, they wanted to be the TOP-DOGS. There is only ONE Great-Shepherd, and that is Jesus Christ. We are His sheep, and even though some of us are called to be under-shepherds, we are under His authority and Lordship.


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