11 comments on “The Mustard Seed

  1. I appreciate the perspective, especially the logic. Regardless of our age, social status, education, etc., we are living examples of what life can be – good or not-to-good. Personally I am a better person while I let a stronger, purer light shine through me, (despite whatever shade I wear). I’m good being a blooming plant in the garden. : )

  2. Thanks, Don. There is major disagreement on the correct interpretation of the birds that nested in the branches of the mustard plant. Some say it’s a reference to OT passages that prophesied the inclusion of Gentiles in the kingdom (Ezekiel 17:23, 31:6, and Daniel 4:21). Others say the birds represent Satan, demons, and worldliness i.e., the church will grow to be large and institutionalized, becoming the home of demons and unbelievers as well as believers. The supporters of this interpretation argue Jesus had used birds as symbols of demonic powers at the very beginning of the discourse. What’s your take?

    • My take is that the birds are mere a device to show how big the plant can grow from such a tiny seed to show how big the Kingdom will become from a small beginning; it shows the life power of God. I think this is such a clear and simple illustration that only a scholar could miss it. 🙂

      • Fair enough but I lean towards the birds = demons inhabiting the burgeoning church interpretation, especially since Jesus equated birds to demons in the preceding seed parable and also because the early church did mushroom into an institution that often had more regard for earthly wealth and power than following Jesus Christ.

  3. “You and I are mere mustard seeds in a sense, small, not really noticed …, yet full of life’s power and potential. Should we allow it, He can and will do a mighty work in and through us” Wow. Sometimes I need to see this in black and white so it really sinks in. Thank you, Don.

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