11 comments on “Legion

  1. In my research on demons, I realized that most of them werre confronted by Jesus “in church”. If not, afterwards they wanted to spread the word about Jesus. In other words, the demons did not attack really evil people; they attacked the good people who were trying to do right. (In my 8 novels on the life of Christ, I have two chapters about the people with demons.)

  2. That is OUR story. We ARE that man. In our unregenerate-state, Satan owns us and has such a strangle-hold on us that we couldn’t escape even if we knew we needed to and wanted to. Only God can provide our means of escape. “Clothed and in his right mind” represents us being clothed in Christ’s righteousness and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. While our conversion may seem less dramatic, it really IS that dramatic, and yes, we have a story to tell to the nations too.



  3. What I love most regarding this story is the demons not only seeing but also recognizing Christ from afar …ran to Him and bowed down before Jesus. These demons understood without a doubt they too are under Christ’s authority. And they begged….do not torment me! Even the demons knew their ultimate end, which even they dreaded, was separation from God. Blessed be the name of Christ Jesus!

  4. In Luke’s recounting of this story it says, (8:31) “And they begged him repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss.” This should have been a powerful lesson, to the witnesses, of Jesus’ authority beyond being able to dispatch unclean spirits from people. Jesus gave the spirits permission to go into the pigs, but then proceded to send them symbolically into the “abyss” represented by the lake, regardless of their pleas. No amount of pleading from unclean spirits can change the ultimate destination which God has declared for them.

  5. Great post and comments. The statement that Satan is not as powerful as our Lord is a good reminder in these times when it is easy to be pulled into despair over the state of the world. And yes, we are on the offensive!!! Praise God!!

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