6 comments on “Now He’s Really Done It!

  1. I have always found humorous the disciples’ response when Jesus asked “who touched me?” and they said something like “What do you mean “who touched me?” You’re in a huge crowd, people are touching you all around…” It is reassuring to me that Jesus knows the difference between the general touch of the crowd and the touch of a sheep who needs His help. Our Shepherd knows His sheep — even the ones who simply touch is garment! Praise the Lord.

  2. Truly, I do not fully see what I read…but it gets clearer every day. Thanks for this Don. I found this paragraph particularly wonderful:
    You might recall that when sin entered the world, there were consequences. The man and woman were cut off from God’s presence, and now the Son of God was walking in their midst. Adam and Eve would experience suffering and pain, and now the Son was healing and removing suffering and pain. Adam and Eve had been influenced by the serpent, and the Son is now chasing away demons. Adam and Eve were cut off from the Tree of Life, but Jesus just raised a dead girl to life. Humanity carried the guilt of sins, and Jesus was forgiving sins.

    …and while they were cut off from the Tree of Life, Jesus was nailed to it, so we would live forever.

    I LOVE connections like this!

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