9 comments on “Nakedness as a Metaphor in Scripture: Word Study… “ervah”

  1. There are several things which come to mind about your story. There was nothing “wrong” with lying on your bed naked after your shower, and you knew it. You were in your own space, your bedroom, and even if nudity wasn’t allowed in the common-areas of your home, your bedroom is “private” space. You also have the right to expect privacy in your own space, just as your parents and your sister had the right to expect privacy in theirs. You wouldn’t go strolling into their bedrooms if their door was closed, and they shouldn’t be strolling into your bedroom unannounced either. Since you were in your teens, the latter goes-double for your sister.

    Feeling that you might be “disgraced” if you were “discovered” naked in your bedroom was your perception, even though you weren’t doing anything “disgraceful”. “Disgraceful” is in the eyes of the beholder but that doesn’t make it so.

    The general public probably wonders what is going on behind the walls of where I minister, but it would surprise them if they only knew, because there is nothing “disgraceful” going on there either. I could go farther with this, but I will refrain for now.



  2. Oh, how I relate to the days of no air conditioning. My family and I spent some time overseas, living in a desert. Cold showers were a blessing and our youngest daughter would often escape the towel to run naked–arowm. Which, of course, our oldest son couldn’t handle watching. For him it was… ervah? Anyway, that wet slapping of little feet hurrying away still makes me laugh 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:
    I read this post form Don and was taken to the place where the hot wind blows … tumbleweed rolls slowly past … the swinging signs creaks asthmatically …

    Nakedness is a sin. Nakedness tempts me to sinful thoughts. So we must never be naked – you must never be naked – I must never be seen naked – you must never let me see you naked. That is sin. Yeuccch!!!

    Now read’s Don’s post. And then be taken to the same pace I was. And consider how much of what we class as sin and put it out (or put “them” (real people) out) is actually much closer to home. So close that it might be “a sin” to miss what is really going on – in so many areas of the “sin stuff” (so many view as a virus to be insulated from).

    Thank you Don!!

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