7 comments on “Demons, Dogs and Foreign Scenes

  1. Jesus also talked with the Samaritan woman, another “unclean” person, in John 4. We looked at the first part of that passage last Sunday, and are going to finish His ministry in Samaria this Sunday. Jesus modeled the Great Commission for our instruction and benefit.

  2. 1. I agree with pipermac5; Jesus had already taken the message to the Gentiles.
    2. He referred to the woman as a dog in v. 27. Why would he do that? To mirror the the language of the disciples who still obviously consider (and probably refer to) Gentiles in a derogatory manner. (This is why I really like the Gospel of Mark; he – or Peter – pulls no punches when it comes to calling out the disciples’ behavior.) That he does a 180 and tells her of her faith should wake them up to their astounding prejudice.

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