11 comments on “Hearing and Speaking

  1. “He was not healing and restoring people to wholeness to get His picture in the papers, He was fulfilling God’s will on earth.”… Amen!!! And that should also be our focus and goal.

  2. You know, there is one thing here that always bothered me, though I doubt I will ever get an answer.

    Jesus went from Tyre to th Decopolis area via Sidon. That’s like going from Richmond, Va to Virginia Beach by way of Washington. It just doesn’t make sense. There had to be caravans traveling a more direct route.

  3. There may be a deeper-meaning to that “sigh” than meets the eye. Jesus, the incarnate Word, the very Creator of mankind, was confronting and grieved by the sad-effects of Adam and Eve’s sin when they believed Satan’s lie. He despised those effects. He saw the suffering that sin had caused and He grieved over that suffering.

  4. “What are we supposed to be doing? Aren’t we supposed to be leading people to Jesus so they might be made whole again? Are we supposed to be self-promoting in the process, or are we called upon to be humble as He was humble?”

    Oh Brother, what a show of wisdom! I love the Lord so and all the more when I read something like this that confirms our mission to the world! I have learned from ALL the examples of miracles which include healings that Jesus was also lending authority to the Scriptures themselves and that what He was telling the crowds had authority as opposed to the religious leaders of His day. It wasn’t to draw big crowds or be a “rock star” as you so eloquently pointed out.

    I believe that until we are willing to do the same (some are already) and do it to lend authority to the Scriptural teaching and NOT to ourselves or make a name for ourselves we will see more and more of what Jesus promised would be accomplished in greater quantity! For too long, we have had too many bask in the light of what the Holy Spirit has accomplished and it has been (at least in most western “religious” countries) a detriment to the lifestyle Christ wants for everyone. As a whole, the apathy if not downright persecution of Christians has been brought on by our own egos. It is no wonder that many don’t want to listen to any “Christian” teaching or advice because so many see it as a self-promotion style “religion,” which is so sad. The enemy didn’t even have to work hard, he just let us to our own devices.

    God bless for this Brother Don, another great message and one that has left me in prayer.

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