8 comments on “Feeding and Not Knowing

  1. Thanks, Don. “Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.” John 7:17 NIV.

  2. Yes! Willful ignorance is so insidious. And dangerous when it’s subconscious. How many times have do we believe something because we want it to be true, rather than because the facts checked out? Even the most well-meaning among us can succumb. Thanks for this word!

  3. What a great take on “the god of this world has blinded them!” Because Brother you spoke the truth and I love the analogy you used, some have made it a conscious choice (choice, a gift from God) to NOT see or to know! Good, good Word Don, blessed me much! (I’ve used the flooding story myself, it’s a great analogy!) 😉

  4. ok, another story…and you’ve probably heard this one, too.

    A man stumbles and falls over a cliff. He catches hold to a root and hangs there calling for help.
    “Is anyone up there?” he cries out.
    “I’m here,” a voice replied.
    “Who are you?” the man asked.
    “I am God.”
    “God, what shall I do?”
    “Let go of the root.”

    “Is there anyone else up there?”

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