6 comments on “A Bright Future

  1. Interesting that you have this post now, today. Yesterday I was listening to a lecture by Dr. Albert Rossi of the Eagle River Institute on the Easter perspective on life and death. One comment he made stuck with me, “The purpose of life isn’t to work, love, or have a good time – those are all good things, to be sure. But, the purpose of life is to die so that we can live in the Kingdom, that is the ultimate goal of life, and what we should be working towards.”

  2. A little detail that still eludes many: ” When the Kingdom came with power on that Pentecost so long ago….” I so wish that people will realise that, as Peter or Paul or somebody said, we are already ruling upon earth with Jesus.

    Some are staring at the clouds in anticipation…..waiting on something that happened very long ago. Or….??

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