7 comments on “Everything is Possible

  1. Don, I have read elsewhere that even a man of little faith, ” the faith of a mustard seed” can move mountains/ translated into do anything; does that not include drive out demons. How does this work with your text that seems to say that they had little faith and therefor could not drive out the demons?

    • Hi Diamand!

      Interesting question. Do you suppose that Jesus was using a touch of hyperbole when He spoke of moving mountains? I’m guessing that He was since I haven’t heard of any mountains being literally moved recently. Yet I have heard many times of metaphorical mountain-moving… As for driving out that certain demon, I wonder if they simply were not yet mature enough in their spiritual understanding to recognize what they were dealing with in that particular instance… any thoughts?

  2. “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Everything is possible? Really? Do you believe that? Why am I so often told so much about what can’t be done?

    ^^^That one line is challenging a lot of “I can’t” talk in my own head lately. Thank you!

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