3 comments on “Jesus Teaches Many Things

  1. Leaving everything behind to follow Jesus. Did that, literally, in 1999. Even lost most of relatives in the process. My aunt died today and went Home – last saw her in ’99. Her card is on my bedside but I could not afford to call. Too late now. Last saw my brother in 2008. Sometimes the sacrifice gets to me. Have to even use a pseudonym as having been hunted by bad Christians online. One never gives up but rises from the ashes again. Discipleship is more than a weekend seminar at church.

    They laid a trap for Jesus. What were they thinking?

    Persevere. Persist. Persevere. It never was meant to be easy. The point is that Everlasting Father Jesus is the real thing. We see that in all His deeds and utterances. We also see it in His embarrassed adversaries.

    He caught them in their trap.

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