9 comments on “Are You Sure You Want That?

  1. Don, If Jesus had already declared in Matthew 16 that He was putting Peter in charge, as Catholics interpret it, then why would James and John have made this request? Also, the irony of this passage is overwhelming since the institutionalized church subsequently outdid the Gentile models Jesus referred to in its quest for power, control, and wealth.

    • The irony abounds in this and other similar passages. so maybe the real question would be whether or not we, seeing this, will repeat history yet again…

  2. “Now the other 10 are ticked off because James and John are trying to get the good seats ahead of the others…” This goes right along with what I read this morning in Luke 14:7 … ; take the lowest position and be honored when you are invited up. This indeed is a concept the World has never been able to grasp, thus Jesus had to repeat it multiple times in several ways. Though really it seems only to work in The Kingdom! In the world the lowest usually just get run over. Thankfully, Jesus explained, “…, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.” John 15.

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