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  1. Several weeks ago, Cameron Bennett, the head of our ministry-association, joined our Sunday afternoon Bible study by phone from Tennessee. I put my phone on speaker-phone and set it in the middle of the table, so Cam was able to hear and interact with us in real-time. We also hold our association business-meetings by conference-call.

    This ability to communicate electronically adds meaning to “One holy Christian church” and “the communion of the saints”.



  2. Mr Merritt, kind sir – you blew my socks off! And what you have written here is almost – word for word – what has been settling in my heart 24 hours later.

    That familiar phrase: “So why don’t we believe you?” seems to me to a HUGE part of this conversation and reality – and may just have a door opening on some of the answer.

  3. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:
    “Yesterday, we saw and experienced the crucial reality that we really are all One in Christ.
    I think I can safely say that this is a very big deal, for all too often this concept never quite makes the transition from abstract to real for most of us; it’s one thing to say it, and another thing to “get it”.
    Yesterday, I think we all “got it”.”

    This isn’t fan-club stuff, nor a mutual appreciation society. This is the Kingdom in action. Don Merritt has something to say. What he has to say is worth reading. Because it is real stuff. Experiential stuff. God stuff. Right here and now stuff. “Something Special” stuff.

  4. What an awesome experience that must have been! Not only to have paulfg on skype- but to introduce him to your brothers and sisters in Christ and have fellowship together! With Him all things are possible…and with Skype, community is just a click away 😊

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  6. It also just dawned on me Brother Don, that for years our churches, most of them have a missionary program. We can’t send people out into the world as the Great Commission states, it’s NOT MY ministry, I haven’t been called, I can’t go, so I’ll send money! Conscience soothed! Today, whether it is missions or just “relating” as Christ is building up His Church with others across the world, today, He has placed the tools within grasp to “go into all the world!”
    I realized, when the Lord opens our eyes to possibilities and when we truly “see” it is HIS Spirit that draws people. I stated yesterday that since I am new to this type of communication, I don’t know anyone else outside our circle who Skypes. Then last night, couldn’t sleep again, nothing new, but the Lord started questioning my heart; why am I looking to do it all myself, in other words, why to I burden my mind with “how do I find others who Skype,” Roland, you are always teaching about gifts and callings, you teach that I AM the One who draws through My Spirit. If you are willing, let ME bring who I want you to encourage, disciple, uplift, teach, etc., etc.

    I finally realized if our God is in it, He will bring it about. I need to keep my heart ready and my eyes open, we all do, no matter what God places in our hearts! Yep, Brother Don, I think things are moving in a big way in the spiritual world and it’s going to impact in a big way, this natural world!!

    I so appreciate your insight and perspective! God bless you so much for your willingness to share!!

    • Thank you Roland, as always. You are right on the mark here, for it is God who brought this whole skype business to us; I know that it is not something I sought out for it isn’t the kind of thing that I would ever think of… and here it is, beckoning brightly!

      Something’s up!

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