Naked Before God

We have come to the point in our study of nakedness as a metaphor in Scripture where there is really nothing left to do except to dive into the metaphor itself. By this time, you should be clear that in Scripture, if not in some “church” circles, that nakedness is not necessarily a bad thing; it is neutral. To be certain, bad or improper behaviors can take place when nakedness is present, but nakedness has nothing to do with causing bad or improper behavior and we only need to take notice of the fact that the overwhelming majority of “badness” is done by people who are not naked.

We should also realize by now that Mankind was intended to relate to God in a state in which they are “naked and unashamed” as opposed to covering themselves and that such coverings came only after people had rebelled against God and attempted to hide from Him. With these things understood, we can proceed.

What does it mean to be “naked”? It means that we take off all of our covering and bare ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly, hiding nothing at all. If a person is seen naked, they have no little secrets, no costume or pretense; there it is…

Is it any wonder that most people aren’t usually entirely comfortable when others see them naked? When we speak of our relationships with God, we are always naked before Him, whether we realize it or not, for God sees all and we have no secrets from Him. For most of us, that should be a much more uncomfortable thought than to be seen by another person while we are unclothed. Yet it is true whether we want to think about it or not; we can hide certain little secrets from other people, we can pretend to be holy and righteous with other people, but God knows not only the reality, but our innermost thoughts and motivations, all of the time. Thus we are always naked before Him.

Now comes the full impact of the metaphor:

When we become aware of this reality and when we agree to bare all before Him, to let down our guards, to admit all, to stop attempting to impress Him or deceive Him, when we give everything we have and everything we are to Him… that is when amazing things start to happen.

The funny thing about this is that I have met hundreds, if not thousands of Christians who would jump in right about now and say that why yes, they do this all the time, and then they would go on and on about how Jesus is the very center of their lives, and that their prayer time (several times each day) and their frequent fasting and selflessness should be a model for everyone to follow… and who would be lying through their teeth in the process of impressing family and friends with their piety; they might even be fooling themselves. Yet like the Pharisees of old, their fruit betrays them every time.

Sadly, most Christians never get to this point, while the rest don’t come to this point as often as we might.

Naked before God is much more than a state of dress, in fact it can take place fully clothed, for what it really comes down to is a state of complete and humble submission to Him, to His majesty and to His will in all things, and this is one thing to simply say, and quite another to do on a consistent basis, yet the awesome news is that we don’t need to do it on our own.

I’m thinking that this is probably quite enough for now; I’d imagine that most of us need to reflect for a while, so I’ll end this post here. Next time, let’s pick up at this point, for there is so much more! In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to your comments…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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14 Responses to Naked Before God

  1. I must say that you are so on point and realize that it is very much from the Holy Spirit. In this journey, it is imperative that if we want to realize the true fullness of God, naked is the only way to be. I have to agree with you about the consistency though. Even though we can try to be naked before Him, we cannot do it without His help, revelation from the Holy Spirit. I got one today and was taken aback because God revealed my thought process to me regarding a certain subject. I was truly unaware of the depth of what I was thinking and the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was actually putting someone before Him in my thought process. As we come before the Lord in honesty and surrender, He will reveal the innermost depths of our hearts. I appreciate your honesty in this post. Sometimes we do have to ponder the depth of what God is revealing to us. And, He confirms what He says when we accept fully the revelation. Keep sharing and God bless!

  2. This is a tough issue to comment on without sounding overly humble or overly egotistical. I will just say, I can do a lot better with my time before my God. My concern is that I never get to the point where I’m a steady luke warm.

  3. paulfg says:

    I thought you had exhausted this topic. Yet it becomes more pure, more innocent, more inviting each time you write another post. I am sitting here fully clothed yet naked before our Father. And with such peace, harmony and safety. He cannot ask me to give up this or that or the other. I already have. And he hasn’t asked for anything. I offer it freely. And I accept He sees my blemishes, my grumps, my rash of anger, my selfishness, my laziness – AND my love, and goodness, my breathing and warmth. And in accepting that He can endow, He does endow, He does gift. Not the new car, the better salary, the more upmarket this or that. He gifts something more precious. The rhythm of my living, my loving, my relationships, my passion and my soul. He allows. And I allow. And others notice. I change. Become whole. Completely safe. I change. I allow. He endows.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Yes, you’re getting it Paul; beautifully put. This is the place where He speaks, endows and works in us and through us… and the topic isn’t yet exhausted, it’s only halftime. 🙂

  4. pipermac5 says:

    When we are born, we are given an “identity” and the beginnings of our “persona”. Parental and cultural expectations get placed on us, and that is the beginning of growing into what we are “supposed” to be. Ever wonder why there are whole families of firefighters, doctors, lawyers or multi-generational military families? There you go. Kids are RAISED to pursue those career-paths.

    Thus it is also with our religious-upbringing. It becomes a part of our “identity”, such that a person will say “I am a Baptist”, “I am a Muslim”, “I am a Catholic” or any of the thousands of religions across the world. Is being a Baptist or a Catholic more important than being a follower of Christ, a Christian? It certainly is if a person’s primary relationship with God is through their religion, and therein lies a major problem. How can a person become consciously-naked before God if they don’t have a real relationship WITH God? They don’t even know where to begin.

    Before we can get naked before God, we have to get naked with ourselves. We have to get REAL! We have to get HONEST! We have to rip off our MASK! We have to get rid of our rags of self-righteousness! We have to quit thinking that we can get ourselves even one nano-meter closer to God on our own. We have to see ourselves as God sees us, as wretched-sinners in desperate-need of a Savior. Most people would rather shed their clothes in front of a room-full of people, which they aren’t going to do, than get real with themselves and with God. May God give us the grace to get real with ourselves and with Him.

    • Don Merritt says:

      What a great comment! Thank you Steve… you are right on the money with this one. Getting real is being naked before God. The only thing is… being real with God and real with ourselves requires that we are real about where we fit into His purpose and will, as opposed to our own purpose and will. Some call this understanding our “identity in Christ”.

      I can only speak for myself of course, but for me to be real about my identity in Christ, is to understand that in the final analysis, I am a humble servant… which really isn’t my personal first choice. Can I force myself, based upon the strength of my own will, to really accept being a humble servant? I don’t know, but I can force myself to pretend to be, to say the right things and put on some kind of pious show like say… a Pharisee might.

      …Or, I can simply surrender to Him and allow Him to work in me.

      So, I’m going to be as real as I know how to be and say that He still has quite a bit of work to do in me before I’m all the way where I need to be in this life, but I’m a whole lot further down the road than when I started, and I think most of us can agree on that

      Praise be to God who gives us the victory!

      And many thanks to you, Steve, for an awesome observation!

  5. pipermac5 says:

    Yes, I certainly am a work-in-progress, much like that road-construction project where they rebuilt and widened US 41 through Dunnellon, FL. It seemed like that project would NEVER get finished, but it finally did. As the crews had to keep re-digging the same hole to do more work, God has to keep re-digging my “pride-pit” to dredge more pride out of me. I will only be a “finished-project” when I take my last breath and am finally perfected. There won’t be any more “road construction” signs in Heaven.

  6. jimbelton says:

    Good post. Physical nakedness is not important. Appearance is not important. As Jesus said to the Pharisees: “You clean the outside of the cup, but inside it is full of greed and self-indulgence.”

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