10 comments on “Very Good News!

  1. One of the things I hated most as a child was the Sunday church bulletin. Every Sunday they would post the past week’s collections, with the names and amounts each parishioner donated. While it puffed up the large donators, it shamed those who could afford little.

  2. Amen. This contrast of two kingdoms creates such irony. The good news that people waited for in Jesus’ day, and shouted, Hosanna!” for, wasn’t the good news they expected, or even what they thought they wanted. As you said previously, they rejoiced, but probably for the wrong reasons. So this same crowd was talked into crucifying the very one they praised days before! The same misguided expectations are true today when our view of things is circumstantially-driven, guided by what we are taught by this world construct, seeing from the outside-in, instead of from the inside-out.

    But when we finally see what God sees, it truly become good news that this world cannot take away from us.

    Good word, brother. Blessings.

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