6 comments on “Final Hours Together

  1. Hebrews says he prayed with loud cries his whole life not to go through this. They must have heard what he was saying in the garden. He perhaps seemed to them to be falling apart. I imagine they wanted to block it out.

  2. Having not come a-calling for longer than I realised, and working through these by clicking next – what strikes me is the absence of understanding. The are “the words” – and there the “understanding”. And how much the words are not connected to the understanding. How the disciples hear words, speak words, and yet do not understand. And 2000 years later we read – with the benefit of hindsight – and do understand (not!).

    And yet … not once does Jesus lose His cool, give up on them, replace with a better bunch … Not ever! And we understand that (not) as well!

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