4 comments on “In the Garden

  1. Just as in the garden of humanity; we plant seeds and God nourishes and nurtures them and, God willing, they grow into faith and belief.

    I mention this briefly in “Hunch up close to Jesus,” but years ago, in a guided meditation, I found myself in the Bishop’s Garden of the National Cathedral. I was instructed to look around and see if anyone were there; I saw Jesus sitting on a bench at the end of the rose garden. He beckoned me and gestured for me to sit at His feet. He said, “Don’t worry or be afraid; you are Mine.”

  2. I’m a hiker, to me the place I am closest to God is in nature, where His creation grows unhampered, and unkept, by man. especially on a mountain top, where I can look out onto His creation and see it in all of its glory.

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