13 comments on “Looking for an Excuse

  1. When you think about what the Lord endured, even before the cross, it brings us to our knees in thanksgiving. The Lord of all allowing this charade to continue … all because of His love for His people.

  2. Comment and Question:

    C-Jesus forced the high priest to say the words. You have to know something about your subject in order to ask a question. The high priest knew, or he wouldn’t have even thought to ask it. Jesus forced him to say the words: Son of God.

    Q-For the life of me, I still have not figured out “Son of Man”. I thought it meant “Son of Mankind”, but Ezekiel called himself the same thing ~ Son of Man. Any ideas?

  3. Jesus had to help them arrest him, had to help them try him, had to prevent anyone (Peter?) from rescuing him… imagine that. Yes, DO, imagine that kind of love.

  4. Really liking this study Don. I don’t have much to say, as am just learning. That’s a skill set I am learning slowly, to just shut up sometimes. But, I am really enjoying it. Thanks for your work in this.

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