11 comments on “The Moment They’ve Been Waiting For!

  1. In one of the meditations on the passion, I have read that – Jesus died because God abandoned Him. The physical torture was too great and killed Him eventually, but the sorrow from the abandonment by God was greater.

    Isn’t it because of a parallel reason why dying in mortal sin will lead to eternal death?

  2. I can imagine that the religious leaders were strutting around like Banty-roosters and partying like rock-stars while Satan and his minions were dancing a jig. They had prevailed, or so they thought.

    As horrible a death as the crucifixion was, physical death is only part of the penalty for sin. Yes, God the Father HAD to turn out the lights. He HAD to turn His back on His only Son. Jesus, who had never been separated from His Father’s presence for even one pico-second in all of eternity, was abandoned on that cross. While we mumble “He descended into hell” when we recite the Apostle’s Creed, I’m not sure we really understand what they meant to Jesus.

  3. I think he turned his back on him too and I think that was the ultimate punishment. Something Jesus will know always and that we never have to face because of him. We don’t even fully realize what he has done for us yet.

  4. I think the Trinity, as hard as it is to imagine, takes a shocking turn when we it fractured at the cross. I believe Jesus finished, and was substituted for our sin before He breathed His last. Our sin caused a separation between us and our God. Yet He took all that on Himself. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

  5. How sad that at the very end we choose to believe Jesus to have been deserted by His own Father who could not come near His own dying Son because of “sin”. I choose to believe Love is stronger than sin and death. I choose to believe the Father cradled His Son even His Son’s frail human body expired of life. Or else Love without condition “fears” sin. Why else would we choose to believe God must desert Jesus – become separated – become distant – by even a smidgeon?

    When those I love have been at death’s door, we have all drawn together, surrounded them with love – even our frail imperfect human love.

    That is why I cannot comprehend our wonderful infinite God would do any less. I cannot comprehend “sin” winning – not even for a second. Not in Jesus or God.

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