10 comments on “Love and Hate; Light and Dark

  1. Oh, I want to say so much here…and you are being kind calling folks to repent. My wish is those “show an attitude of hatred for other people” not call themselves Christians at all.

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  3. “When you reduce the Christian faith down to its simplest form, and I am a fan of doing this, its central idea is love God; love your neighbor. There is no room for hate in that formula.”

    Thank you Don. The simple truth yet so challenging to “put the interests of the other person ahead of our own.”

    Jesus did it for me! I need to do the same. Thanks again!

    • Thank you Mike, I appreciate your comments. Funny thing is, when we learn to see the simple truth and adopt a simple, childlike faith, it turns out that things aren’t so hard after all But then it’s kind of like working out: It’s hard to get started, but after a short time, it’s the best part of the day.

      Of course, maybe I’m just crazy 🙂

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