8 comments on “My Dear Children

  1. Thanks Don. I would change some of your verb tenses; for example from gave to give, lived to live – because the living Christ inside of us has definite ideas (plans) of how we should spend our time, here and now in the present tense. Being mindful of his presence, whether we “feel” it or not, certainly helps. 🙂

  2. So, does the “sin” of chapter 1 include this failure to obey Jesus’ commands, to not live as He lived? If so, does Jesus, in the role of our Advocate, then propitiate these failures to obey? And if this is so, how does this change our love for Him which is the reason given for our failure to obey? Or does the failure to love resulting in a failure to obey remove us from the relationship where Jesus is our propitiating Advocate?

  3. So is the failure to keep His commandments part of the sin propitiated by our Advocate, Jesus? Or does the failure to know Jesus evidenced by a failure to live as He lived exclude us from His propitiating advocacy? I’ve always had trouble with 1 John. I’m alternately encouraged and then terrified reading this letter.

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