12 comments on “Love Not the World

  1. Good explanation, and you’re making an important distinction between what is good in the world (culture) and what John is talking about. I also see the “world” here as us still eating from the wrong tree that Adam ate from. To quote Morpheus (Matrix), “It’s the world that’s been pulled over our eyes.” The world that the “god of this world” has blinded us to the truth by creating a “construct” of counterfeit pursuits (2 Cor.4:4). These have appeal because they counterfeit legitimate desires and dreams that God has intended for us. The love and fellowship of the Father is the best antidote to falling into this deception.

  2. I love the point about our job is not to fix this world. It is only to proclaim the gospel message. And all Jesus is doing is saving souls, not fixing this world. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. There is a matter of priorities. We are not here to fix the world. Just the same, we are here to love our neighbor, and love does improve the world.

    The games we play with words! How confusing they can be!

    What is charity? Charity is something we do in love. When we give of ourselves for the sake of our neighbors, that is charity. When we are trying to fix something that is broken in this world for the sake of our neighbors, that is charity.

    Our political system is broken. Who would not say politics is of this world. Yet because our political system is broken, our neighbors are suffering or will suffer. So it is an act of love to work for political reform.

    Is working for political reform trying to fix the world? Perhaps, but it is also a way of fulfilling John 13:35 so the world will know He sent us (John 17:15-18). Selfless love is not of this world.

    The difference, as I see it, is that world that John condemns cannot be fixed. We cannot fix sin. We can only replace it with love. If we spurn that which is of the devil and cleave to our Savior, then what we do is not of this world.


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