12 comments on “This is Love

  1. Thank you for this. I believe we are here to love God and love one another. We need to work on loving the people that are difficult to love and if we continue to work on that we are with God. I pray God’s love in me will reflect to others I interact with on a daily basis. Blessings!

  2. “In short, what is written in this section is the one thing that gives Christianity its power and authority, and against which the gates of Hell itself cannot, and will not stand.”

    Amen and amen!

  3. We are in a battle daily against the lies of Satan. When I found that God forgave me for my sins and I was filled with a joy I was on fire for Him. Sometime after the fire was quenched briefly because Satan was battling to pull me back. I put on my armour against the lies and told Satan to leave in Jesus name. The fire is once again within me. Each morning I prepare to listen to Jesus as he walks with me, to stand firm in my faith of the One who loved me first. The lies kill our ability to love if we let it.

  4. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    This reblogs a post that is part of a series that is a commentary on 1st, 2n, and 3r John. Since I can be rather scatterbrained, I dart back and forth between the different things I enjoy and find interesting. Therefore, this was posted back in April, and I am just now getting back to it.

    Why would I go back to this series? When we read John 3:16, we can find that verse bewildering. God did what? Fortunately, John had more to say. His epistles help us to understand just how much God loves us, and they also help to understand who we can trust to instruct us Christian doctrine.

  5. I like your ending statement.

    “Therefore, if a person does not love, it is because God is not in him or her.”

    I equate the same to apply to Divine Wisdom meaning no one can truly be wise if he or she is not righteous..

    What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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