7 comments on “We love because He first loved us

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  2. “Love” is a verb, a call to action, boots on the ground action, get your hands dirty kind of action, so if there is no action, there is no “love”. That was the kind of “love” Jesus displayed when He dwelt among us.



  3. Great points for us to consider, as usual. 🙂 I would add that we can only love this way because He loved us first. As you point out, agape love is HIS love. On our own we don’t have it, we can’t manufacture it. As we receive His love first, we have something to give away to others. But, this way, we are compelled by His love (2 Cor.5:14). In other words, it’s not just a commandment, it’s our heart’s desire to share His love. Otherwise, it’s just Christian activity that Paul called a lot of noise (1 Cor.13:1-3).

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