7 comments on “Leading Quiet Lives

  1. I always referred to this verse. One of my favorites in the good book. This tricky planet and it’s people can sidetrack you and make you forget. A good reminder. At the workplace, this is very valuable. Someday, I will make a nice printing of this and hang it on a wall next to my desk or make a desktop of this. The overly inflamed egos of management (and of course the on-air talent) , their questionable spiritual values at issue, has to be have a “automaton” mentality. I make my best effort in the eyes of the lord, not some crazy lady boss and flips out if I forget an e-mail she sent some year ago.

    Last week, a small army of my wife’s family got all together and helped move my in-laws into a spacous and walk friendly home for the mother who cannot handle the steps anymore due to health. A couple sisters was high profile in their running the show and a couple guys kind of “hot dog” it moving. Fine…. I kept to myself, actually avoided the sisters like the plaque, and helped organize a shed and help one of the nephews leaning out a couple inches of cinders left in the gutters from a roof job by the previous homeowners. It was a mess but the lad needed help. I started running off on a paragraph of what I did but I caught myself defeating the meaning of the verse. A deep meaningful verse in the bible but so slippery keeping focused on it.

    I am sure Jesus worked on some roofs in his day being a carpenter.

  2. Truth! Reblogged at importantstuff.live with comment: “Keeping our focus on living the way Jesus lived. Humbly and with solid purpose for doing the will of our Father in heaven.”

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